Crayon Silhouette Art

I’ve been admiring the crayon silhouette art over at Light&Spoon. I found some 2-for-1 canvas packs at Michael’s Crafts and already had the glue gun, so I figured I’d give it a try! I don’t have pictures documenting the process, but here’s some finished shots of the bathroom.

The finished bathroom!

The birds are wall decals I bought through WallSpirit.

Another shot of the two hanging in the bathroom.

The blue one was my first attempt, and definitely did not come out as “rainy” as the green one did. Part of the problem was that I did not cover my surface well enough and I was afraid of squirting the crayon out too far and messing up my coffee table. I ended up getting crayon all over it anyway!

Tip: If you get crayon all over everything as I routinely do, you can easily remove it by placing a piece of ice over it for about 15 seconds and then popping it off! This also works for candles that get stuck in your votive holders… stick ’em in the freezer and pop out the wax when it’s chilled!

A close-up!


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